HVAC School

Learn about attending HVAC trade schools

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians earn highly competitive wages and enjoy excellent career prospects. If you want to undertake HVAC training to become a certified technician, you will have to complete two components: an apprenticeship, and in-class training at an HVAC school.

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Attend HVAC Trade School

The theoretical aspects of HVAC training can be completed in a variety of forums. You can attend a dedicated HVAC trade school, take a diploma program through a community college, or go to HVAC school online. If you are interested in joining the Armed Forces, you can also get sponsored for your HVAC education through government-funded programs.

Generally, your education will be focused on either HVAC installation or HVAC repair; depending on the specialization you choose, your in-class requirements will vary. However, you can expect to learn about the components that make up HVAC systems, how systems are constructed, how temperature control is achieved and how electronic devices are used to interface with HVAC systems. You will also learn how to read blueprints and troubleshoot system problems.

Once you complete your in-class or online HVAC school requirements, you will need to secure an apprenticeship with an established technician. All good HVAC schools have resources that help match qualified students with available apprenticeships.

Complete Your HVAC Training

As with electrician, plumbing and welding schools, formal class training is only part of the equation. You will be required to serve thousands of hours as an apprentice before you will be permitted to write the examination that leads to professional certification.

The educational and apprenticeship requirements vary considerably from place to place. Even within the United States, there is significant variance in what you need to do from state to state to become a licensed HVAC technician. Thus, you need to choose where you want to work, then ensure that your qualifications meet local standards.

A career as an HVAC technician is a wise move for any technically oriented person. Job prospects for the future are excellent, and HVAC technicians earn wages that are competitive with those commanded by other skilled trade professionals.