Property Management Training

Find out if attending a property management schools is right for you

If you're interested in rental property management or commercial property management, you will be seeking employment opportunities with professional real estate administration organizations. While it is possible for you to get a part-time or entry-level job with a real estate management company and work your way up to a position of responsibility, taking a property management training course is a much faster way to move up the career ladder.

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Apply to Property Management School

As with home inspection training and other real estate schools, you generally are not required to have a college degree to get into property management school. However, a degree in a field like accounting, business management or finance will go a long way to helping you land a good job, and it will also help you ascend through the ranks more quickly. Generally, you need to have completed high school and reached the age of majority to apply to a property management training program.

If you prefer, you can earn a property management degree online. This gives you the freedom to study in your spare time while keeping your current job.

Work in Real Estate Property Management

The entry level position in rental property management is the onsite building manager. This individual's job is to collect rent payments, deal with administrative issues regarding the building, and ensure that all maintenance needs are met. The building manager can outsource any repairs needed or execute repairs him or herself.

Once you have a few years of experience, you can move up to become an assistant property manager. This person's job is to oversee cash flow and accounting practices for a property management company and typically involves managing multiple properties at the same time.

The title of "property manager" or "senior property manager" is gained after you have several years' experience in an assistant role. Property managers are responsible for maximizing the revenues and profits generated by properties in the company's portfolio and leading middle management.

Property management is an excellent career opportunity if you have good business sense, a knack for accounting and maximizing revenues, and dealing with people. Developing these interests in the context of professional property management training is a highly recommended path to the success you envision for yourself.