Home Inspection Training

Get your home inspection certification

If you have an eye for detail and are interested in the real estate industry, home inspection training can prepare you for exciting career opportunities. Whether you're looking to achieve home inspection certification, start your own business or update your current credentials, a certified home inspection school offers all the educational resources you'll need to brighten your prospects for a better tomorrow.

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Topics Covered in Home Inspection Courses

In your home inspection classes, you will learn how to evaluate all the major systems of a residential building and judge their state of repair (or disrepair). Typically, home inspection training instructors will use a systematic approach, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to assess the condition of everything from the foundation to the chimney.

There are a dozen major home structures that you will learn how to inspect and evaluate. They include the exterior, the air conditioning system and the heating pumps, the chimneys, the home's electrical system, the furnaces, the hot water heating system, the interior, the insulation, the roofing, the plumbing, the foundation and structural stability, and the radiant heating appliances.

You will also learn how to use standard home instruction forms, perform field exercises and implement proper inspection procedures when you're on a property.

Just like property management training and real estate agent training, you are not required to have any specific educational background, nor do you need a college degree to apply to a home inspection school. However, a background in construction or engineering will be a great help.

Additional Home Inspection Training Opportunities

Since you will have to pass a home inspection licensing examination before you'll have all the credentials you need to go into professional practice, some schools also offer exam training modules. These supplemental classes will show you what kind of questions to expect, how to approach the questions on a standard examination, and how to make educated guesses on questions you might otherwise miss.

You can also specialize in a distinct area of home inspection. For example, many property management companies and real estate agencies work with structural experts, and you can also train to become an interior, exterior, foundation or roofing specialist.