Bartending School

Discover if a bartending college is right for you

Even though becoming a bartender doesn't necessarily require any formal training, you'll have a much easier time landing that all-important first job if you've gone to bartending school. At bartending college, you'll learn about more than just mixing drinks; you'll also learn the customer service skills you need to give bar managers confidence in your abilities.

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Take Bartending Classes

As much as bartending is about much more than mixing drinks, a large part of the focus of any bartending school is on cocktail creation. You will learn about standard units of measure, the use of popular base liquors (rye, rum, gin and vodka) as well as the flavoring properties of a complete range of liqueurs. In addition, you will learn how to incorporate non-alcoholic beverages into a proper, proportional mixture.

Bartending jobs also require you to have inventory control and management skills, and you will learn these from a bartending college as well. The ability to price necessary supplies, prioritize and track inventory, and account for drinks poured from open bottles are all vital to your success.

Like culinary arts school, bartending classes will teach you about sound service and presentation practices. You will learn about safe bottle handling and drink dispensing as well as how to deal with customers and recognize when a customer is intoxicated and needs to be cut off from further drink service. An introduction to federal liquor laws is also a feature of the more comprehensive programs.

Attend Bartending School Online

It can be tricky to incorporate classes into your busy schedule, especially if you have a day job to work at while you improve your academic credentials. One possible solution is to go to bartending school online instead of traveling to a physical classroom.

If you choose to take advantage of the opportunity to study online, make sure that you enroll in a course that is tailored to the region in which you plan to work. Serving practices and liquor laws vary from place to place, and you want to be sure your education is applicable to your situation.

Bartending can be lucrative; many bartenders earn a handsome living in tips alone, and if you enjoy merriment and lively social interaction, a bartending job might be just the thing to kick-start your bank account balance.