Hospitality Degrees

A hospitality career begins with the right training

Hospitality is the single largest industry in the global economy. Thus, a hospitality career bodes well for a promising future and a literal world of opportunity. If you want an education that will prepare you for the many challenges you'll face along your journey, hospitality degrees are something you should look into.

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Hospitality education is available in many forms, including both traditional in-class studies and online alternatives. Since the best hospitality jobs are much easier to land if you have formal training, a stint in hospitality school is a smart career move if you want to work in this exciting field.

Types of Hospitality Training

You have a lot of program, degree and diploma options available if you want to go to hospitality school. First, you need to decide whether you want to attend a four-year college or graduate school to earn a degree, or whether you'd rather fast-track your entry into a hospitality career by attending a shorter diploma program.

If you just need to expand or update your skill set, or if you want to earn formal credentials quickly so you can step right into an entry-level job, attending a hospitality certificate program is an option you should look into. These programs are typically a few weeks to a few months in duration and are often offered by institutions that have job placement assistance for students.

Degree programs open doors to higher-level jobs more quickly, so if you want to invest the time, an associate's or bachelor's degree may well pay off for you in the end. These programs are offered through community colleges and universities and take anywhere from two to four years to complete. Degree programs focus heavily on hospitality management training and best business practices.

At the graduate level, you can earn a master's degree in hospitality management, or you can complete your MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a focus in tourism and hospitality. Either of these options will get you strong consideration for middle and upper management positions with large and well-established hotel chains, entertainment companies, travel companies, theme park management companies and more. While the hospitality industry is still one of few in which you can start at the bottom and work your way up, hospitality degrees offer a big shortcut to a bright future.