Pastry Chef School

Get cooking with pastry chef training

At a pastry chef school, you can learn the art of baking under the helpful watch of professional instructors. Typically, your pastry chef training will include both theoretical and hands-on instruction, with a heavy emphasis on the hands-on component. Students in pastry school learn everything including how to make various baked goods to managing the business end of the industry. Instruction is available at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.

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Learn Pastry Arts

Typically, a patisserie school begins with baking basics and bread-making. Once you master fundamental skills, you will move on to more challenging dishes and desserts. Professional courses are usually six months to one year in duration, but there is significant variance in the length of programs from school to school. Some are shorter in duration but more intensive in focus, while others are part-time programs that take a year or more to complete, but allow you to work full-time as you complete your studies.

The baking techniques plus management training and skills you can expect to learn from an intensive professional program include:

  • Food safety
  • Costing recipes
  • Managing inventory
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Measurements and conversions
  • Ingredients and their functions and properties
  • Baking artisan breads
  • Baking desserts
  • Seasonal baked goods
  • Proper plating techniques

Choose a Pastry School

Good programs lead to rewarding pastry chef careers for graduates. To ensure you receive the best possible education, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when evaluating the various schools available.

As with any type of vocational school, small class sizes are better. Ask the school's administrators about the student-to-teacher ratio. Generally speaking, anything more than 15 students per teacher will limit your ability to get one-on-one attention.

Find out about job placement opportunities for graduates. One tried-and-true measure of an institution's quality is its success rates in getting recent graduates employed. Some schools are more highly regarded by employers than others.

Culinary training of any kind can be intensive and demanding, but your skills will always be in demand. Attending pastry chef school can lead to a wealth of rewarding job opportunities around the world.