Aviation School

Earn your wings fast and find aviation employment

Got a fascination with flight? Itching to spread your wings? At aviation school, the sky is literally the limit.

Aviation training is your ticket to a rewarding career in aeronautics. At an accredited aviation school, you can learn how to fly a complete range of passenger and commercial aircraft or learn about airplane and helicopter repair.

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Available Types of Aviation Training

Most aviation jobs that lead to hands-on work with various aircraft fall into one of two categories: flight or maintenance. At flight school, you can earn your wings to fly aircraft ranging from commercial jetliners and small airplanes to helicopters and ultra-light or micro-light air vessels. If you want to work in maintenance, attending an aircraft mechanic school is the essential first step.

Additional Aviation Careers

In addition to earning your pilot's wings or aircraft mechanic certification, there are other exciting branches of aviation employment that you might consider. Air traffic control is one of the top-paying and most in-demand career options in the aviation industry. Though it requires intensive work to become an air traffic controller, including both in-class instruction and on-the-job training, it offers a rewarding and lucrative career path.

You can also earn specialized certification in fields such as turbine construction, maintenance and repair as well as instrument rating, type rating and aircraft dispatching. While it's not a technical trade, per se, you can also go to flight attendant school if you're interested in a career that allows you to travel and see the world.

Just for the Fun of It

You also don't have to be training for a new career to attend an aviation school. If you're interested in learning how to fly airplanes or other light aircraft as a hobby, professional instruction is a must. You can enroll in a certified sport pilot training program that covers everything from the basics to advanced and emergency flight maneuvers.

Life in the skies is exciting. If you're tired of being grounded by your current career options and you're ready to broaden your horizons, aviation school may turn out to be the ideal educational opportunity.